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About Northwest Plant Company

Northwest Plant Co. is a wholesale raspberry and blackberry nursery owned and operated by a commercial raspberry-farming family.  We are the leading commercial raspberry propagator in the Pacific Northwest serving the US and Canada.  Using progressive propagation techniques, we provide top-quality, disease-free plants of the best varieties for machine harvesting and the frozen and processed industry.

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Breeding Program

Northwest Plant Company has developed an intensive breeding program in cooperation with The Plant & Food Research Institute of New Zealand – Pacific Berries, LLC. The partnership began two decades ago when germplasm from New Zealand was imported and trialed in the Pacific Northwest.  Since then, the program has made many advances by using this collection of material along with domestic germplasm to develop cultivars that are better suited to the growing conditions and challenges of the Pacific Northwest.  Our vision at Northwest Plant Company is to continue to develop exceptional raspberry varieties that allow local raspberry growers to remain profitable and competitive in a global market and to provide premium plants at reasonable prices.

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