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We specialize in producing field-ready Raspberry and Blackberry plug plants, either green or dormant for Spring or Fall plantings to provide growers with flexibility to optimize their land availability and planting window.



We know Raspberries! Northwest Plant Co. oversees the Raspberry breeding program operated by Pacific Berries, LLC. We’ve also worked with breeding programs from Washington State University, USDA and British Columbia to test their advanced selections and provide plants for grower trials. See our variety chart for options.


We’ve worked extensively with the USDA blackberry breeding program in Corvallis, OR evaluating their selections in our northern climate to get a firsthand look at their performance and machine harvestability.  See our Blackberry variety chart for options.


Wake® raspberries are grown by a select and dedicated group of growers, representing a significant and increasing portion of the processed raspberry industry. Wake® varieties are more resilient to disease pressure and environmental conditions which often lead to supply challenges for other varieties.

Wake® growers are growing more sustainably due to the high yield, high-quality fruit produced year after year with the same or fewer inputs than traditional varieties. Wake®  varieties also boast a lighter environmental impact due to longer replanting cycles. Wake®  raspberries are perfect for IQF processing making them available to enjoy year-round. 

Wake® raspberries are dark in color and high in vitamin C, antioxidants and ellagitannins which are known to have excellent health benefits. A tasty brix to acid ratio make them a favorite ingredient for toppings, baking, jams and smoothies - adding just the right amount of tart-to-sweet.


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